The New Hampshire SPCA Doggie Paddle Plunge combines community service and adrenaline to create a bucket list event. The concept is simple; register, raise funds, and dive into the frigid Atlantic, all for the animals!  For some, even when it’s for homeless animals, asking for money can be more intimidating than jumping in the freezing water.  If that’s you, or if you’re happy to fundraise but want to boost your odds of reaching that $500 sweatshirt prize, here are some helpful tips.

  • Personalize your fundraising page! Once you register, give your fundraising page a personal touch. Customize your page with photos of you and your animal(s) to tell a story of how the cause is important to you. Why are you plunging? Let people know why you chose to take on this challenge with a few sentences about you. An adorable furry face is very incentivizing when asking people to donate!
  • Get creative! Offer motivation for people that donate, whether it is making a thank you video for your supporters to enjoy at each milestone you reach or writing the names of all your donors on your bathing suit to take in the water with you when you plunge, make it fun for those who are supporting you.
  • Spread the word! While some people may not be able to donate to your efforts, they may be able to share your fundraising page. Asking people to share the link to your direct page with their network can not only open up the door to new participants but also an increase in donations.
  • Take it one step at a time; while it may be easy to get overwhelmed with the big picture goal, it’s important to also remember the small milestones along the way. Each dollar donated and raised makes a huge difference in the lives of each and every animal that comes through our doors. No amount is too small, so keep up the good work!

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