When it comes to Halloween, pet safety isn’t all tricks and treats. There are a lot of factors that can be spooky to a pet, so here are some helpful tips to keep them safe!

Keep Treats Hidden

While Snickers and Milky Ways may be your favorite candy, it’s important to remember chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs and cats. In addition, sugar free chocolate can have hazardous ingredients in them as well. Keep a watchful eye on children and candy and try to store candy on a counter top or place your pet wouldn’t be able to reach.

Keep Costumes Simple (Or Not At All)

A costume on pets is no doubt adorable but make sure your pet is comfortable with the cuteness too. If you have a costume picked out, allow your pet to try it on before the big night. If there is any sign of discomfort, eye rolling, tail tucking, ear folding, etc., don’t force them to wear it. Costumes on a pet should never restrict movement of any body part or interfere with breathing, eating or drinking.

If your pet is comfortable wearing a costume, make sure there are no tags or pieces hanging off they could chew or swallow.

Create a Safe Space

Having new people come to your door many times in a night can be overwhelming for a pet. New smells and people in costumes can create a tense, scary environment for your pet. Try having a room in the house with some water and a bed for them to be in while trick or treaters come or if you are having a Halloween party, consider keeping them in there for the duration of the event. This will allow your pet to relax without having disruptions or risk of them escaping.

Update Their Information

With trick or treaters knocking on the door frequently, you want to make sure your pet’s microchip and tag information is updated in case of an escape. This will make reuniting with your pet much easier and the process a lot quicker.

Be Cautious Of Decorations and Glow Sticks

Carving pumpkins and hanging spooky decorations is great for getting in the ghostly spirit but make sure your pet doesn’t have access to them. While pumpkins are non-toxic to pets, they can cause stomach discomfort if ingested. If you find yourself doing some interior decorating, consider placing your pet in a different room while you do so as changes in the house can be overwhelming to them. Wires, lit candles and other festive additions should be monitored to ensure your pet doesn’t start a fire or injure themselves.  Glow sticks are popular around this time of year, and while they are non-toxic, they do have a very bad taste and can cause adverse reactions in pets like nausea and drooling.