Lilly wants to be Number 1! Number 1 fundraiser that is. She’s registered as a ‘virtual’ plunger in the Doggie Paddle Plunge coming up on March 7.  And she needs your help to make her the top dog, the number 1 fundraiser! There’s just a few days left for her to bark up some support and you could help by clicking on the donate button and making a gift. Your donation directly helps the thousands of homeless animals that will come to the shelter for a warm bed and loving care this year. The Doggie Paddle Plunge helps raise funds for animals like Lilly to receive the best care while they wait for the perfect family to come along. By donating to her page, you’re supporting the work of the NHSPCA as they care for over 2,000 animals each year.

There is still time to join Lilly in her efforts to raise critical funds for the animals. Register for the Doggie Paddle Plunge, today!

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