Hope was dumped in a parking lot and was brought to the New Hampshire SPCA by local animal control.

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Hope was dumped in a parking lot and was brought to the New Hampshire SPCA by local animal control.

This poor elderly little dog was deaf and blind, and covered in filthy mats so completely she could barely move. It took our medical team hours to free her from the prison of her own filthy fur. We’ll never forget the sound of her little tail thumping against the table, when the tangles that had held it immobile, were finally released. That was the sound of Hope. She couldn’t hear, she couldn’t see, but she could still feel. She was brave enough to trust that the people now caring for her were going to keep her safe.

Our team was able to care for Hope until she was back to a healthy, comfortable state. And because we wanted to do so much more for this little dog that endured such neglect in her life, she also received life-changing cataract surgery to help her see clearly again.

Today, Hope is a happy, healthy cuddler! Her eyes are bright and happy and her tail hasn’t stopped wagging. Her new family tells us they can’t get enough of her snuggles, and they are so grateful that Hope was given a second chance.

But as we enter the spring season, there are so many cats, dogs and horses who still need our help. This means we need our community’s support more than ever.

Your gift can make a lifesaving difference for suffering animals like Hope and the hundreds more cats, dogs, horses and farm animals that need our help and care.

The HOPE we give them is free, but . . .

The shelter, food, veterinary services, medical supplies and other essential items for needy animals require significant funding.
With your help now, we can make sure that no injured animal goes untreated, every animal gets spayed or neutered and all the animals brought to us receive the help and love
they deserve.

Stories like Hope’s are proof of what can be accomplished! With your help, homeless, neglected and abused animals can be rescued every day here at the New Hampshire SPCA.

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