It can be heartbreaking to see an animal who needs a little extra help be overlooked or returned because of their quirks. Sometimes, all it takes is the right person to see the love and potential underneath the surface. Calvin came to us after his owner was no longer able to care for him. At just five years old, he had been bounced around a lot in his short life, but we were determined to find him his match.
Calvin was a perfect candidate for our Dogs on the Catwalk segment of Paws Walk. We knew he would strut his stuff in front of the thousands of event participants and would love the chance to meet potential adopters. With his bright red “adopt me” vest on, Calvin patiently waited as people walked by, hoping someone would stop and notice him. Little did we know, his person was closer than we thought.

One of our staff members had been looking for another small dog to add to her family. While working at Paws Walk, she met Calvin and immediately fell in love with his sweet, soulful eyes. She knew she had to take him home.

Once Calvin had settled in, he began to show signs of extreme anxiety. His behavior was difficult to manage, but his mom wasn’t giving up. She began working with one of the shelter trainers to improve Calvin’s anxiety, working on ways to tackle some of these challenges. Three years later, Calvin and his mom still work every day to calm his anxiety triggers and redirect his anxious energy. Their bond is as strong as ever, as they’ve been through so much together. Now, Calvin spends his days snuggling with his canine sibling and receiving all the belly rubs a dog could hope for.
If it wasn’t for events like Paws Walk, Calvin might not have been adopted into the home he needed, one that understood his needs and vowed to work to give him the best life possible.


A kennel is not a home, and many times when an animal enters our shelter, the stress of being in a new environment, surrounded by new people can cause the friendliest dog to lash out. That was the case with Mac, a handsome large breed mix who came to us with five other dogs after being rescued. Mac was incredibly sweet, but in the kennel his true personality did not show through. He began showing reactivity to strangers, so our staff knew he needed some extra help.

One of our staff members brought Mac home to see if he would fit in with her dog as a foster, and it was love at first sight. Having another dog around helped build Mac’s confidence and brought his sweet, loving personality back out. During the time Mac spent with his foster family, they worked diligently on training techniques to help his anxiety, and successfully prepared him to find his forever home.
After a few introductions, Mac was well on his way. His forever family had a canine sibling — who became his immediate best friend — plenty of acres to explore, and the patience and compassion to allow him to settle in. Now, Mac spends his days protecting the farm goats, catching snowballs, and getting lots of love from his family.

Events like Paws Walk allow us to give animals like Mac all the care and love needed to prepare them for their forever home. Through training, fostering and a little extra time, every animal’s true colors can shine through.

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