I have always had a passion for animals and have admired and respected the work that the NHSPCA has done over the years.  My two dogs were adopted from the NHSPCA, and they have been truly amazing members of my family.  I remember when the SPCA was just a little house and a tiny barn.  It’s wonderful to see how the hard work and perseverance has brought the organization to where it is today.

Several years ago, as a volunteer, I recall one of my assignments was joining a committee to make house visits and speak to people about the work and mission of the NHSPCA and educating them about legacy or estate gifts. Until that point, that was something i hadn’t really thought about and it wasn’t relevant to my life at the time.  Having these conversations however made an impression on me that I have never forgotten.

When it became time for me to start planning my estate, I knew immediately that I would include the NHSPCA. Having them in my estate plan meant I would be able to support my favorite organization in a powerful and impactful way without taking away from what I needed to live and survive.  I have never considered myself an particularly wealthy individual, giving what I could over the years. When I learned about the Campaign for Changing Times, I knew I wanted my estate gift to support their future.

I believe in this organization and all of the wonderful work and programs they provide.  I know so many exciting additions and improvements will greatly benefit and impact the lives of the animals. I am proud to be able to do what I can for the NHSPCA today but also leave behind a positive legacy for the future.