As we approach the Fourth of July, it’s important to remember that while this holiday is a time of celebration and fireworks, it can be a source of fear and anxiety for our beloved pets. Here are some key tips to help keep your pets safe and calm during the festivities:

1. Keep Pets Indoors

  • Ensure your pets are inside the house well before fireworks start.
  • Check that all doors, windows, and fences are secure. Scared pets can become escape artists in their attempt to flee from frightening noises.

2. Create a Safe Space

  • Set up a quiet, comfortable area where your pet feels safe. Include their favorite bed, toys, and a few treats.
  • In addition to closing windows and curtains to muffle the sound and reduce the flash of fireworks… turn on the TV, radio, or a white noise machine to help drown out the sounds.

3. Identification

  • Ensure your pet’s ID tags are up to date and securely attached to their collar. Having a microchipped pet provides an extra layer of security in case they do escape.

4. Stay Calm

  • Pets often take cues from their owners. Stay calm and act normally to help reassure them that there is no real danger. Your presence will be a comfort to them.

5. Avoid Fireworks Exposure

  • Never ignite fireworks near your pets. Leave your animals at home if traveling to a fireworks display. If you must take your dog where there will be fireworks, keep them on a leash and stay as far back from the display as possible. Use treats to reinforce calm behavior.

6. Ample Exercise

  • Take your dog for a walk earlier in the day to help tire them out (and to give them an opportunity to go to the bathroom) before the fireworks start.

By taking these precautions, you can help ensure that both you and your pets have a safe and stress-free Fourth of July. Enjoy the celebrations responsibly and keep the well-being of your furry friends in mind.

If your pet does run off, be sure to notify your local police department, animal control, and the New Hampshire SPCA (email right away.

The New Hampshire SPCA will be closed for the holiday on Thursday, July 4. As always, staff will be here to care for the animals currently in care and those that will come in as strays over the holiday weekend.