Have you ever considered providing a loving home for two senior companion horses in need? If so – this might be your golden opportunity! Kenny and Lacey are two bonded seniors in need of a compassionate, experienced home. Kenny and Lacey have many stories to tell- this pair has truly seen a lot in their time. Lacey was once a much loved lesson horse, teaching young riders was her profession for many years. We have had many folks reach out to share stories of their experiences with Lacey back in her glory days. Sadly, she did not get the safe, happy retirement that all faithful lesson horses deserve.

Kenny and Lacey are quite bonded to one another and should stay together for their own health and happiness. Lacey does require an experienced home capable of accommodating her dietary and medical needs- due to her age and many years without dental care, Lacey can no longer eat hay but is doing well with a specific feeding routine. Kenny has a tendency to overindulge and needs to have his feed intake restricted to keep him healthy.

In order to find the perfect home for Kenny and Lacey where they will be pampered and adored, we are offering a special fee-waived adoption for this pair. If you think you might be able to provide a forever home for these  two special horses, please complete an equine adoption application available on our website or contact our Equine & Farm Animal Program for more information.

Equine Application

Please help us find the loving retirement home these faithful horses deserve!