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A public hearing will be held on Feb. 4th on House Bill 1448 (Relative to Animal Health Certificates and Dogs to be tested for Brucella Canis).  Animal Shelters in New Hampshire are opposed to this proposed legislation due to the undue burden it will place on them. The legislation would change the existing quarantine period of 48 hours, which is sufficient to prevent the spread of illness, to an oppressive period of 14 days.  The longer animals sit waiting in a kennel, the greater the likelihood that they will become ill. Additionally, the proposed law would require all those transporting dogs into New Hampshire to test for Brucella Canis, an illness that has never been seen in NH. This test is costly and unnecessary. This law would effectively put an end to transporting animals from overcrowded shelters in this country to New Hampshire where they would find loving homes.

Here is how you can help us defeat this damaging proposed legislation:

1) Attend the public hearing in Concord next Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 2:45pm in the Legislative Office Building, Room 303.  It will be very helpful to fill the room with as many people as possible who are opposed. If you can’t stay for the hearing, it is EXTREMELY beneficial to simply stop in and SIGN IN as OPPOSED.


To email the entire committee: [email protected]

Chairperson Amanda Gourgue: [email protected]
Vice Chair Peter Bixby: [email protected]

Bill Sponsor Rep. Howard Pearl: [email protected]


Make your email unique, but here is some possible language

Subject Line: NH CITIZEN strongly opposes HB1448

Greeting: Dear Madame Chair Gourgue & Members of the Environment and Agriculture committee

Body: State your reasons for opposing the bill, ie. Unnecessary testing, undue burden on those trying to save animals lives, illness will be created by longer quarantine, etc.

Be sure to include your full name and your town.

If your Representative sits on this committee, follow up with a phone call.
You can find your Representative and their contact information here:

To read the full bill:

This is the beginning of the legislative process for these bills and we will be calling on citizens to voice their support each step of the way.
Thank you for your advocacy!