A rescue wish comes true! 

The New Hampshire SPCA is honored to partner with Make -A-Wish New Hampshire to help make a very special lifesaving wish come true! Brooklyn is a 13 year old girl who in December of 2017 was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer that starts within the white blood cells. Recently, Brooklyn was approved to receive a wish from Make-A-Wish New Hampshire. How an individual responds to a difficult situation is usually an easy barometer for personality. That’s why it is so easy to recognize how special Brooklyn is. Wish kids are given the opportunity to choose a wish to have something, go somewhere,  meet someone, be something or give whatever they want, and it’s within this decision that Brooklyn’s caring, thoughtful heart begins to show.

Through collaboration between Make-A-Wish New Hampshire and the New Hampshire SPCA, Brooklyn’s heartfelt wish of rescuing puppies will come true!  With Brooklyn’s help, the NHSPCA has transported a group of rescued pups to New Hampshire.  On Saturday, June 30, the dogs will be available for adoption and Brooklyn will be there to help the puppies meet their potential families! When asked why she chose this wish, Brooklyn said “I love animals and I would be very content knowing I helped animals live and find new homes.” For Brooklyn, the most important part of her wish was knowing she was able to help.

On Saturday, Brooklyn will be picked up at her house in Hampton around 9:30. From there, she’ll be taken to the NHSPCA where she can meet her dogs before the shelter opens to the public. At 11, the shelter will open and Brooklyn will help the litter find their forever homes! Brooklyn, her friends, and her family will be sporting new “Brooklyn’s Adoption Day” T-shirts.

Brooklyn is a remarkable young lady and everyone at the NHSPCA is very excited about helping to make Brooklyn’s wish come true of rescuing dogs from less fortunate shelters and helping them find new homes here in New Hampshire. We have high hopes that many families will find their new best friend at Brooklyn’s Rescue Adoption Day.

Here are some of the lucky pups that will be available for Brooklyn’s Special Adoption Day!


Tom is a 10 week old Lab mix.
Jerry is a 10 week old lab mix
Stella is a 1 year old Husky/Lab Mix
Paul is a 1 year old Boston Terrier Mix
Keegan is a one year old Lab mix
Rukkus is 7 months old and is a lab mix