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Jo Lamprey, former board president and current trustee, has once again stepped forward with an amazing $20,000 Matching Gift! She hopes to inspire supporters like you to help even more animals like Fig! 

Poor little Fig was just a few weeks old when he came to us in critical need.   Local police notified us of tiny newborn puppy that was left out in the cold and not doing well. Turns out he had been taken from his mother at far too young and age and he was sick from the cow’s milk he was being fed.    We warmed him up and gave him fluids.  He was so tiny and ill, we didn’t think he’d make it through the night.  But Fig was a fighter and with proper puppy nutrition and a round the clock bottle feeding schedule, he grew stronger and stronger.

One of our staff members helped little Fig recover, taking him home at night to feed him every four hours.   Late at night, snuggling and looking down at his sweet face, it was hard to deny the bond that formed between them.  “After such a rough start in life, he deserved to be cared for and spoiled by people who love him — and I just knew I needed him as much as he needed me!” she says with a smile.

Every day, we care for animals like Fig.  Over the course of the year hundreds of animals turn to us in desperate need.

We depend on generous people like you — that’s why we’re urging you not to miss out on the opportunity to have your gift matched today.  Our Matching Gift opportunity ends on October 15, so please respond as soon as possible! Your gift will be DOUBLED to help twice as many animals.

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