Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking or feeling? Or wished you could hear from a pet who has passed? The Animal Communication Collective is here to help.  On Friday, April 30th from 7-8:30 p.m.three members of the collective will be reading messages from pets, alive and in spirit.  

The Animal Communication Collective is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping animals and supporting animal welfare organizations through animal communication fundraising events, all while spreading the word about animal communication. We are so excited to welcome three of its members for this event, Jody Crotty, Karen Dendy Smith and Meredith Tollison.  

Jody always knew she had a special connection to animals, feeling their guidance and support throughout her life. It was only after connecting with a medium that she realized her true calling of animal communication. 

Karen has always loved animals, and knew she had a gift from early on in her childhood. After becoming certified in multiple forms of energy healing for both people and animals, Karen went on to study animal communication through the help of mentors along the way.  

Meredith grew up knowing she had an emotional gift but wasn’t sure how to properly receive it. After going back to school to become a certified trainer in order to help her reactive dog, Meredith knew she could help other people’s pets too. By listening with her heart and following her intuition, Meredith hopes to help you and your pet grow together 

Don’t delay in signing up for this special event, where you could have the chance to receive a message from your beloved pet. Or, purchase a raffle ticket for the chance to win a private reading with one of the communicators. Tickets are limited so sign up now!  

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100% of the proceeds benefit the animals at the New Hampshire SPCA.