Mrs. Fields was discovered in an abandoned house in pretty horrible shape. As soon as she arrived at the New Hampshire SPCA, our medical staff got right to work on her severely matted coat — which was knotted to the point of her abdomen being covered in bruises. Once the mats were removed and Mrs. Fields was given a nice, warm bath to help soothe her skin, she was tucked into a soft, comfortable enclosure where she could begin healing.

This adorable little bun was so, so appreciative of all the small things: clean bedding, access to fresh water (she drank an entire bowl upon her arrival) and food, and the gentle companionship of our staff and volunteers.

Though, to be honest, it almost felt as though these basic necessities were a bit overwhelming for a girl who had gone so long without them. Learning that she’s deserving of these things didn’t happen overnight. As each day passes, though, and Mrs. Fields gets a bit more comfortable with the idea of being cared for, she’s relaxing and opening up… and boy is it such a sight to see.

We’d love to find a family who understands Mrs. Fields’ hard past and is excited to provide her with a stable, loving future. Her ideal family will be patient and expect that she will likely be pretty shy initially. However, with a little time and plenty of love, we know this girl will become a fiercely loyal companion.

Interested in adopting this ear-resistibly cute 3-year-old Holland Lop? Come on by our Adoption Center between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. any day except Wednesday (closed) and ask to meet her! She’s looking for some-bunny to love. Could it be you?

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