Recently, the New Hampshire SPCA Field Services Department, in cooperation with the Animal Control Officers Association of New Hampshire, hosted a training event for Animal Control Officers (ACOs) to become more familiar with handling, and capturing loose horses. ACOs from all across the stated attended this afternoon course, and soaked up valuable knowledge on equine handling and safe capture. ACOs first learned the basics of understanding horse/ farm animal body language , capture and control, then practiced these methods with some of the shelters horses.

NHSPCA Farm Animal Manager, Carrie Fyfe jumped at the opportunity to teach the handling workshop. She explains, “We want ACOs to feel prepared and confident when entering a situation where a loose large animal (horse, cow, goat or pig) is at risk of harm or in a position where it could cause harm to others. For those of us who may regularly come into close contact with frightened large animals like horses, it is essential to understand the behavior of a fearful horse and to have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep ourselves and the animal safe. Brushing up on safe handling techniques and methods of minimizing stress while attempting to contain a loose horse will not only give handlers confidence to de-escalate the situation, but will also help ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animal.”

The New Hampshire SPCA Field Services Department is committed to providing assistance to Animal Control Officers and Law Enforcement Agencies across New Hampshire.