The NHSPCA was called upon by a local Police Department to assist with animals after serving the homeowner with a search warrant.  The warrant was issued based on a complaint that conceivably more than a hundred animals were being neglected.  We were initially informed of over 60 farm fowl, up to 12 donkeys, 5-15 dogs, and an unknown number of rabbits, pigs and cows. Now that we are on the ground there, we are just learning what animals are in need there.  We know that the animals will be taken into protective custody, beginning a potentially long legal battle.

Meanwhile, the rescue that occurred last Wednesday has already resulted in several of the dogs already finding homes.  As you may recall, that rescue included 33 dogs, 3 birds, and a cat from a house in Bedford, NH.  Our colleagues at the Animal Rescue League of NH in Bedford took several of the animals into their care and we are so grateful to work with them.

Rescues take a toll on many levels, from NHSPCA personnel removing the animals, to the veterinarians on-site triaging and examining, to the team back at the shelter getting ready for their arrival, preparing the food, bedding, supplies, and spaces for each animal.  Then the work begins with evaluating and assessing the needs of each animal.  Determining any courses of treatment, scheduling surgeries, and planning recovery.  So often the news cycle only covers the initial headlines, and we are so grateful for that coverage, but the real work begins once we have removed the animal from the unhealthy environment and get them on the road to recovery and then, to a caring and loving home.

Some cases result in surrender of the animals, such as the Bedford case.  Others, like the one today, we are required to hold the animals in protective custody until the court decides their outcome.  This can be a very lengthy process.  You may recall the Shepherd Case a few years back that required us to hold 36 German Shepherds in the shelter for over two years!  Protective custody cases are truly when our community’s support becomes critical.  Thankfully, the animal lovers of New England are very concerned about animals in need are generous with their support.

If you would like to help the NHSPCA care for victims of cruelty or neglect, you can join our efforts by making a gift to our SOS Fund.  The SOS Fund is dedicated and restricted to this critical purpose. We appreciate every single donation, regardless of the size.

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We will continue to provide follow-ups from each case on this blog, so please stay tuned.  In the meantime, please view our adoptable animals pages to see which animals are coming up, and know that we are doing everything we can to heal them so that they may go on to find those loving homes that they so deserve.