With the ongoing pandemic continuing to put a strain on our operations at the shelter, your help at this critical event is now more important than ever! Because of YOU and your fundraising efforts, we’ll be able to keep our doors open and continue giving a second chance to homeless animals.

So let’s start fundraising!  Check out Coach Julie’s Weekly Fundraising Tips Below! 


Whether you’ll be walking with us in-person or virtually from your own neighborhood, the money you raise for Paws Walk is vital for our organization. You can help our field services team rescue abused and neglected animals, help our medical team perform lifesaving surgery, help our Humane Ed classroom provide educational and creative programming for local children, and so much more.

Fundraising for Paws Walk is easy! Start by setting up your personal Classy fundraising page (you should have already received an email, and there’s a step by step guide in our Fundraising Toolkit), then reach out to your friends and family to join your cause. They can donate to your walk or even better, sign up to walk themselves.

Check out our Fundraising Toolkit with all sort of tips and tricks, including email and social media templates to make the most of your fundraising journey. You’ll be hearing from me every week with new ideas and inspiration.



Create connection with your donors by telling them your reason for walking at Paws Walk. Post pictures and tell your personal story on your Classy fundraising page, in email, and in social media. Check out our Fundraising Toolkit for ideas, templates, and tutorials.

For me, I’m walking for my cat Diddy, who I adopted from the NHSPCA last year. Diddy came from an overcrowded shelter down south where unwanted pets are a dime a dozen. The NHSPCA has an innovative transport system, and they rescued Diddy and so many other animals, bringing them north to find their forever homes.

Here’s a peek at how I customized my fundraising page:

Now it’s your turn! Share you story with your friends and family and know that you’ll help even more animals. Feel free to reach out to me with any other questions, and happy fundraising!


Don’t be shy. Use Paws Walk as an opportunity to connect with your friends and family, make them feel appreciated, share your own personal story, and tell them why you are walking for this worthy cause. You can:

  • Get on the phone and call friends family members directly
  • Connect with coworkers or schoolmates, making a donation jar or sending them your Classy Fundraising page
  • Write a personal email to your nearest and dearest, telling your own compelling story
  • DM your friends on social media

Our Fundraising Toolkit has more ideas, email templates, and example social media posts. Don’t be afraid to get creative and remember to THANK all of your donors personally.


There are more ways that you can tap into your network to help the animals:

  • If you haven’t already done so, follow our Paws Walk: the Remix event page on Facebook. Share with your friends and family and ask them to follow this page too!
  • Get personal and share your story with your network via email, social media, or any way you’d like. Let them know why you’re walking, and how they can help the animals by supporting you.
  • Don’t forget about your workplace! If your employer has a matching gift program, that’s an easy way to double your donations. Or recruit coworkers to join you and form a corporate team. If you’re interested, email me for more details.



Raising $500 can sound intimidating, but it’s really easy if you break it down. Here are 5 steps to get to $500:

    1. Show your commitment and make the first $25 donation
    2. Ask 4 relatives to donate $25 each; then ask a 5th relative to double that amount!
    3. Put your quarantine baking skills to work and sell baked goods to your coworkers, classmates, or friends; 50 cookies at $1 each gives you another $50
    4. Ask 5 businesses you frequent to donate $25
    5. Be direct and ask 15 friends via email, social media, or even text to donate $10

If you haven’t already done so, follow and share our Paws Walk: the Remix event page on Facebook, and download our fundraising toolkit, or email me directly.

We’re looking forward to seeing your pet in next year’s calendar!

There are several ways you can support us to raise more money RIGHT NOW!

  • Recruit more friends and family to walk alongside of you. The more people walking and fundraising, the more money for the animals!
  • Don’t miss our May 11 t-shirt deadline! Raise $25 by this coming Tuesday to get yours.
  • Email your Classy fundraising page to family and friends and let them know exactly how their donation can be used. People love seeing that their dollars make a direct impact!