Paws Walk is all about community: friends and families gathering, walking to raise money for homeless animals in need. What sets Paws Walk apart from our other signature events is the fundraising aspect. It’s incredibly inspiring to see hundreds of animal lovers rally those around them to collect donations for a cause so dear to their hearts.   

When our staff thinks of Paws Walk fundraising, there is one name that stands out. Stephanie Stanley, a dedicated volunteer and Paws Walk fundraiser for over 25 years. She has seen our shelter through its many phases and has witnessed thousands of animals find their forever homes.  

So, what does Paws Walk mean to her? We asked, and here’s what she said… 

Q: How long have you been walking at Paws Walk?  

A: 25 years   

Q: What’s your favorite Paws Walk memory? 

A: Always the number and variety of dogs that came to walk with their people and meeting those people and their pets! There was a pig and a goat or two in those years, and the walk was so much fun!  

Q: Why do you walk? 

A: Having always known the value of walking our own dogs, Paws Walk was just walking with a grander purpose! I begged to raise $250 that first year, and as the years went on, I realized the need was so much greater than I could ever imagine. Paws Walk became bigger and bigger in my eyes and in my desire to help raise funds!  

Q: What’s your best tip to solicit donations? 

A: One has to make their passion pertinent and honest! Tapping into people from the many aspects of your life, like work friends, school friends, family, social media friends, neighbors, etc. and asking genuinely for the help needed to address the needs is important; look around, don’t be afraid to ask!  

Q: Do you have any advice for first-time walkers? 

A: My best advice for new walkers is to let people know what you are doing this for and make it personal. I make a sign with the names of every donor’s pets, people they might be memorializing, etc. People want to help, but sometimes, life just gets in the way and they need a little reminder. Let your passion out!  

Register for Paws Walk today and get ready to make a difference. Sign up now and donate at   

Ali Lynch, Community Outreach Coordinator

Save Lives with Every Step!

Whether you’re near or far, join us on Sunday, June 6 for a day of celebration – both in-person and virtual – at Paws Walk: the Remix. Walk with your family, friends, and four-legged pals to help give homeless animals a second chance.

Paws Walk is the New Hampshire SPCA’s largest grassroots fundraiser and allows us to continue helping those who need us – both pets and people.

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