Pet of the Week:  Bonnie

Dogs are just like people. Like us, they sometimes just want a quiet and peaceful place to stop and rest. To get away from the maddening crowds and the noise. To find good people to spend good time with and to be wanted. Bonnie is the sweetest little pup that needs just that. She is surrounded by louder dogs and sometimes a frenzied environment. What does she do? She climbs into her carrier…her “security blanket”, in the corner of her space, and avoids making eye contact with anyone that approaches.  When she does go for a walk, she comes alive. You get to see how playful and affectionate she can be, but you must first get her outside. And that has been the challenge with Bonnie. Despite how cute she is, she can be overlooked. She won’t come running to the window, her tail wagging, instead, she will curl up and hide. We know what a difference she will make for the right person, and what tremendous company she will be…she just needs a chance. And that is why she is our Pet of the Week.


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