Update: Fancy has been adopted! 

Here’s the truth. Fancy does not fancy most people. She’s more of an introvert. Crowds of people make her nervous, she prefers deep meaningful relationships with select people and she enjoys lots of alone time in the comfort of her home. For years, Fancy was a loving companion to an elderly lady who lived alone. But when her owner passed away, she was taken in by a friend of the family. Life was suddenly way different than what she was used to—but still she adjusted after time. Ignoring and hiding from most of the people in the house—and focusing her friendship around the one person in the home she felt truly comfortable with. Unfortunately, Fancy’s world would turn upside down again- when that person had to move and couldn’t take her along.

So now poor Fancy is in a pretty sad situation. She’s homeless, stressed and honestly, challenging to get to know because she’s so feisty with strangers. When you keep losing the people you’ve opened your heart to—it’s not surprising your default mode is sass. She’s protecting herself from being hurt again.

We’re looking for a special person for Fancy. Do you have a quiet home, tons of patience and the willingness to give Fancy the time she needs to feel comfortable? As you can see from this video, once Fancy feels like you’ve earned her friendship- she’s very sweet and loving. She just needs someone who understands her.

Fancy is an 8 year-old, domestic short hair available for adoption today.


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