After being found wandering the streets in Texas, this brindle beauty ended up at a shelter that is consistently over capacity and is forced to euthanize healthy, adoptable animals. Jennifer, 3, wasted no time capturing the hearts of the staff and volunteers there, all of which prayed she would just make it out.

So, when our Transport Coordinator contacted that shelter to inquire about dogs that could make the trip up north last month, they jumped at the opportunity to pitch us on their second-longest resident. Jennifer’s larger-than-life personality and beautiful brown eyes had us smitten with her before she even boarded the bus for her 27-hour freedom ride.

We promised her fans at her pervious shelter that we would find her the most perfect home. Do you think that perfect home could be with you?

If you were to ask Jennifer what she’s hoping for in a family, she’d tell you she wants someone who will take her on adventures and supply her with a variety of toys – but just know that squeaky toys are THE best in her book!

Know what else is the best? Snow. She’d probably tell you the snow alone was worth traveling more than 1800 miles for… because snow unlocks a whole new level of zoomies! Whether it’s already on the ground or still falling from the sky, it’s pure magic. We have so loved watching her experience winter in the northeast and are grateful she has a lifetime ahead of her to enjoy it.

Jennifer would absolutely love the opportunity to have dog friends in her life — whether they be in her home or in her neighborhood, it doesn’t matter. This social girl is the star of her playgroup and does well with dogs of varying sizes and energy levels. We’re pretty sure she’d play all day if she could. In fact, if she sees other dogs being taken outside for walks or playtime, she has some serious FOMO about not being invited to join!

As you can probably gather, Jennifer has a good amount of energy and will do best with an active family that provides her with appropriate outlets to burn some of it. In addition to basic training, Jennifer would really benefit from and enjoy sport classes like agility.

If you’ve been looking for an on-the-go kinda gal, please stop by the New Hampshire SPCA and ask to meet Jennifer. This beautiful girl has been wondering what a safe and loving home feels like for far too long, and we know she will make someone very, very happy.

We are open Thursday-Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and closed on Wednesdays. Please come by during our open hours or call (603) 772-2921 ext. 110 if you have questions!

Click for Jennifer’s Adoption Page

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