Is Lady the hound for you?

Meet Lady, a beautiful 3-year-old hound mix who is eagerly searching for her forever home. Sadly, Lady’s previous family had to surrender her to the New Hampshire SPCA due to a lack of time and space after they moved to a new house. But we’re confident that Lady will find the perfect family soon!  Lady is a fun-loving dog with lots of hound energy. She’s known to be an escape artist, so she needs a secure, well-fenced yard where she can burn off some of that energy. But once she’s done playing, she’ll happily snuggle up with you on the couch.  Despite being a retired hunting dog, loud noises like thunder and fireworks scare her. She needs a calm and comforting presence during these times, which is why she would benefit from having a thunder buddy to help ease her anxiety.

Lady is a well-behaved dog and has been housebroken and crate trained. She’s also great with kids, including toddlers who like to pull on her tail. She’s an extremely affectionate girl who loves spending time with people of all ages and loves all the attention she can get.  According to her previous family, Lady is a bit of a goofball and can be a little clumsy at times. She also thinks she’s a lap dog and will try to climb onto your lap even though she weighs 60lbs!  Lady lived with a cat in her previous household who didn’t like her, but Lady was not the aggressor. She immediately knew when to leave the cat alone if it hissed at her. Lady has never lived with other dogs before but has been friendly with the ones she has met.

If you’re looking for a loving, energetic companion to share your life with, Lady could be the perfect lady for you. Come meet her today and see if she’s the right fit for your family!

This Pet of the Week is brought to you by our generous Freezin’ for a Reason Sponsor, Murphy, Powers and Wilson CPAs. Join us for the Doggie Paddle Plunge, Saturday, March 18th at Great Island Common in New Castle to help save more animals like Lady.