Meet Monkey!

Monkey and his siblings arrived at the New Hampshire SPCA on January 28th from Georgia. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the entire litter of kittens had some sort of upper respiratory infection. Over time, the kittens all recovered and were adopted out, except for poor Monkey. After receiving three months of treatment unsuccessfully, we have determined that Monkey likely has chronic upper respiratory infection and will sound congested for the rest of his life.

Despite his respiratory issues, Monkey remains the happiest little kitten around. It takes him around 24 hours to adjust to new environments, but after that, he acts like he owns the place! He is an extremely sweet and outgoing little guy who wants to be on or near you when he’s not running around like crazy. Monkey loves to play with cat toys (non-scented ones), cardboard boxes, and anything else he can get his paws on (Hint: he’s a big fan of making a mess with toilet paper and tissues). Make sure you watch your back when cooking because this kitty has a taste for human food!

His foster mom said he’s done great with medium sized cat-friendly dogs, but because upper respiratory infections are transmissible to other cats, Monkey will need to be the only cat in his new home. He will also need to be in a home that doesn’t have any strong odors like candles, perfume, air fresheners, etc. Monkey has never lived with kids but based on his confident purrsonality and enjoyment of chaos, we think he’d like living with children.

Does Monkey sound like the perfect guy for you? Come visit him during the Adoption Center’s OPEN HOURS EVERY DAY EXCEPT WEDNESDAY from 11am to 4pm, or email

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