You might be thinking, ‘Hey, I recognize that shaggy dog!’ and you would be correct. 3 year old Polo was featured as our pet of the week just two weeks ago. Unfortunately, he hasn’t received much adoption interest since then. That’s why we’re highlighting him once more, hoping that the right person will come across this and consider giving him a forever home.

Polo is a great dog, but he tends to turn potential adopters away with his size (83 lbs) and kennel reactivity behavior. He very much dislikes being behind a barrier where he can’t greet new friends, and who could blame him? Outside of his kennel, Polo is a much different dog. He loves playing with his toys, exploring his surroundings, and meeting new friends. He has had a few introductions to other dogs, and our animal care staff has noted that he is great at matching their play styles. He loves going for walks but can use some help improving his leash manners.

The other day, two of our lovely volunteers had the chance to take Polo offsite on a hike through the woods, and they reported that Polo was an absolute delight! Here’s what they had to say about Polo’s day out:

“I’m not sure if anyone has taken him out yet, but he did awesome in the car. He wasn’t nervous at all, was happy to hang out in the backseat and look out the window. We had him on a long line when we were hiking, and for the most part he was totally content to be within those 30 feet and rarely pulled. He loved being able to explore & sniff, and he got to meet a few people along the way. 

He really was great for the whole trip. He would check in with us & come if called at all. We did let him say hi to people but we stepped off the trail to allow dogs to pass. He would come over & take treats while they passed with zero issue.” 

Polo is sure to reward the lucky family who adopts him with many years of love and companionship.

Interested in adopting this shaggy guy? Please stop by the Adoption Center’s open hours every day except Wednesday from 11am to 4pm, or email us at


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