These two handsome fellas are Meow Meow (back) and Tigger (front). For six years, they lived happily together in a loving home until they were surrendered because their owner was moving into a care facility and couldn’t bring them along.

The sudden upheaval in their lives and change of environments have made them quite a nervous pair. We are looking for a calm, quiet household for them so they can thrive in their new environment. Meow Meow and Tigger are both very sweet guys who are sure to reward your time and patience with lots of love. The quickest way to gain their trust is by offering them a tasty treat or two. Meow Meow is the more outgoing of the duo, he can be shy at first but once he gets to know you, he becomes an affectionate and playful companion. He enjoys chasing and jumping at string toys. Tigger, on the other hand, is a bit more reserved initially. He loves cozy spots and quiet corners, where he can observe his surroundings with curiosity.

Interested in giving these two a loving home where they can feel safe and secure? Feel free to come visit us during our open hours 11-4 every day EXCEPT WEDNESDAYS!

This Pet of the Week is brought to you by our generous Animal Angel Sponsor, Seascape Capital Management.