Nugget, one of our seven available male mice!

Our Magnificent Seven!

Have you ever considered adopting a pet mouse? Mice make great little pets! They are entertaining, low-maintenance, clean, and usually don’t cause allergies.

They don’t take up much space, and while they can be social, they don’t demand a lot of time.

This week, we wanted to highlight all seven of our mice currently up for adoption. These little guys are here because they were part of a rescue involving 70 mice found in a box dumped on the side of a busy road. A couple of local animal rescue organizations stepped in and helped divide up care. The New Hampshire SPCA ended up caring for 12 of the mice.

Upon arrival, we separated the females and males and noticed that two of the females were pregnant. That means we could be caring for 30+ mice in the not-so-distant future, but until then, we have seven gentlemen looking for homes.

The magnificent seven are Cheerio, Chimichanga, French Fry, Kabab, Nugget, Pringle, and Tofu.

These guys are all very active; you can usually find them training to run a marathon on their wheels. They are very friendly and are spoiled daily with their favorite treat, strawberry. They also enjoy being handled and napping in their little hidey houses.

Are you interested in adopting one of these little cuties?

Come visit them during the Adoption Center’s open hours, every day except Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or email

This Pet of the Week is brought to you by our generous Furball Friend Sponsor, Great Bay Orthodontics! Join us for Paws Walk, Sunday, June 4th at Stratham Hill Park and help save more animals in need!

Interested in adopting a mouse? Click here!