This week we decided to shine a spotlight on not one but two animals that need a home.

Xander (right) and Willow (left) are 7-month-old potbellied pig siblings who came to us back in November, severely under-socialized. They were very unfamiliar with humans and shied away from all contact. Since then, they have made significant progress and now feel more comfortable around people, to the point where they will come right up to you (looking for snacks, of course)!

Speaking of snacks, Xander and Willow love munching on all kinds of veggies, but what they really enjoy are peanuts. Occasionally, we treat them to a couple of peanuts as a special treat, and let us tell you, they go nuts for their peanut fix! Besides indulging in their favorite snacks, Xander and Willow also love to explore their surroundings.

They often take a stroll around their pen, eagerly rooting around in the hay in search of hidden food they may have missed during mealtime. When it is time for bed, you can find these two cuties snuggled up together in their blanket nest.

The pair are spayed and neutered, up to date on all vaccines, and microchipped. They have also lived with other pigs before and have done well, but we recommend a slow introduction to any future pig pals.

If you are interested in adopting Xander and Willow, please email our farm manager Michelle Murch at [email protected].

These Pets of the Week are brought to you by our generous Doggie Paddle Plunge Sponsor, Jackson Lewis .

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