Meet Gibbons!

Gibbons is a 10-year-old domestic short hair male cat.  This very handsome man absolutely loves pets once he gets to know you! Some of his favorite activities include cuddling with his sister Moonlight, playing with toys, and sleeping in cardboard boxes! Gibbons has lived with moonlight his whole life and needs to go to a home where he and his sister can live together happily ever after. Do you think Gibbons and Moonlight are the purfect pair for you?

Meet Moonlight!

Moonlight is a 10-year-old domestic short hair female cat. She is more on the shy side, but eventually will come around especially if she sees her brother Gibbons getting some lovin’. She is not the biggest fan of cuddling humans as she loves to live her best life on her terms! Occasionally she will play with some of her toys but you can usually find her hiding in her box or cuddling with her brother! Moonlight has lived her whole life with her brother Gibbons and would love to continue spending the rest of her time with him! Do you think Moonlight and Gibbons are the purfect pair for you?

This Pet of the Week is brought to you by our generous Furball Friend Sponsor, Core Medical Group! 

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