“I have always been passionate about stray animals, for they bring so much value to people’s lives.  I always thought that children and senior citizens should be required to have a pet just for the simple joy they bring.  When I used to work long hard days, the first thing I would do when I walked in the door was pet my dogs and cats and it always relieved my worries and frustrations of the day.  There is so much more to animals than people realize.  I think we need them just as much as they need us. I have always felt the best breed of cats are those that are strays and homeless, because they just always appreciate the comfort of a home.  The second best is one that comes from the NHSPCA.  The last option is to buy an animal, but doesn’t make sense when there are so many wonderful animals that need a home.

I always support the NHSPCA – I believe in everything they do.    When it comes to animals I think you should do as much as you can…and next year do even better than that.   That is why I have agreed to support the Campaign for Changing Times in addition to my regular annual support.”

-Richard Parker