Rudy came to our shelter looking like this…

A common refrain heard by all who work or volunteer here is,   “Oh, I could never work at a shelter.  It’s too sad. I’d want to take all the animals home!”   Indeed, there are times when we see animals so neglected it makes our hearts twist with despair.  Day after day, people surrender unwanted animals to us.   It’s true, some couldn’t care less, but others are truly heartbroken by the circumstances that led them to us for help.  It’s never-ending.  And yes, it is sad.   But the New Hampshire SPCA is not a sad place.  It’s a place filled with hope and love.  Our shelter is like a big warm hug, the kind that makes you feel safe, loved, and accepted.  The animals that come to us are often the victims of unhappy circumstances, but that changes as soon as they come through our doors.  Here they can leave the trauma of the past behind and are given the promise of a happy future.

The first moment I saw Rudy my heart dropped to my feet.  He was covered in a case of mange so severe he had very little fur left on his body. He was just scabs and scales with a pair of the saddest looking eyes I’ve ever seen.  He looked up at me with a look of such despair, it made my heart break.  But just as quickly, I felt relief for Rudy. I knew for certain that he was in the right place and his days of suffering were over.

It took some time, but gently and carefully our medical team nursed him back to health. He was given medicinal baths to help soothe his tender skin, a specialized diet, and medications to help him heal.  Most importantly, his interactions with humans were filled with love and joy.  Volunteers loved to take him out into the pen to play, where he’d happily chase tennis balls. You’d smile if you saw the way he’d bound after the ball, all gangling legs and floppy ears. He’d drop the ball near your feet with an excited woof, a doggy smile, and hop from paw to paw until you threw it again.

In just a few months after he arrived, he was a completely different dog in appearance and in spirit. His eyes sparkled with joy and hope. He was transformed and ready to find a forever family.

Rudy after months of tender loving care at our shelter…

Today, Rudy is happy and healthy in his new home.  His mom recently gave us an update:  “Rudy is doing so well.  We are a household of women, and Rudy has taken on the role as guardian and protector of our family. He is loyal, sweet and kind. We feel like we found the missing part of our family.”

Rudy happy and loved at home…

I love sharing stories like Rudy’s because it highlights the important role that supporters like you play in transforming lives. Because of your support, the New Hampshire SPCA remains a safe haven for animals.  And more than just offering a place to stay, these animals can find healing, love and a second chance for a better life.  All thanks to you!

You can help make more happy endings for those like Rudy.  So many cats, dogs and other animals are in need, and the costs to care for them are great. Your support today will provide food, shelter and unconditional love to animals that need help.  For a limited time, your donation will be doubled to help twice as many animals.  Our former board president and current trustee, Jo Lamprey, has once again offered to match dollar-for-dollar any gift you send by October 31, 2018, up to $25,000! Please send your gift today or donate online at

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Submitted by Courtney Vavra, Annual Fund and Digital Marketing Manager