It’s not unusual that when people think of the New Hampshire SPCA they think of stray cats, surrendered dogs, adoptable bunnies, and Guinea Pigs. While those are all true, we have another part of our operation…rescues. Some rescues consist of removing a dog from a neglectful home or gathering sheep from a small family farm that can no longer effectively care for their animals.  And sometimes rescues are more.  Sometimes they are painful for the owners of the animals and for the rescue team at the NHSPCA.  Sometimes our team is faced with brutal images, tough realities, and difficult decisions.  Some rescues are just simply harder than others…and they take their toll.  This week brought us one of those harder rescues.  We were called in by a Chief of Police in a town up north.  The circumstances were horrific, truly one of the worst we’ve seen. A large number of farm animals included sheep and goats mostly, including one kid that was just 24 hours old.  This rescue required a team of 9 staff members, three vehicles, and two trailers.  The location was a 90 minute ride away.  Once on location, it required traversing a mud-soaked driveway, uneven terrain, and a variety of hazards created by barbed wire and exposed nails and wood.

The effort required to shepherd the animals, oftentimes pushing, pulling, and carrying, takes a toll on the body, mind, and spirit.  It also creates a strain on our resources, and on our staff.  But this is when we truly shine.  Our team comes together in a crisis, unified by the need to save lives. Difficult rescues also require significant resources, time, and deployment of assets to insure a successful outcome.  That is why we are asking for your help.  Please help us help those who need us the most.  Donate to the NHSPCA’s SOS Fund for Animal Rescue.  Your gift to the SOS fund will specifically help ease the tremendous burden of expenses associated with cruelty cases. Your donation will help pay for expensive medicine, veterinary care, medical supplies, and many other costs that accompany animal rescues.  And if you find yourself in a situation where caring for your animal has become too much and you are feeling overwhelmed.  Reach out to us before a rescue is necessary.  We have programs that can provide support, meals for your animals, and resources to get you back on your feet.   Our mission is “To save the lives of companion animals through rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption; to promote learning, eliminate animal cruelty, and be a leader in advancing the highest standards of animal welfare.”  And we need your help to keep our mission going.

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