Help provide lifesaving surgeries, rehabilitation  or basic day to day medical care.   Your donation will be applied towards the special fund you designate.


Andy's Fund

Andy’s Fund

Established in 1998, Andy’s Fund provides resources to provide medical care and rehabilitation  for special animals that would not otherwise be treated and placed.

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Koda Fund

The Koda Fund was established by John Holland in honor of his own dog Koda and his dedication and love of animals.  It helps provide lifesaving medical procedures.

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Kelly Rae Stallings Fund

Kelly Rae Stallings (August 26, 1970 – June 22, 2019) had a compassionate and empathic love for animals and dedicated her life to improving their health and well-being. To honor Kelly’s passion for animals, her family has established the Kelly Rae Stallings Fund. The fund is dedicated to improving the lives of animals through compassionate medical care and providing a critical transition as animals are fully restored to health and prepared for adoption.

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