Thank you for your interest in the NHSPCA 2023 Summer Camp! Our Humane Education team offers multiple kids’ clubs, camps, and programs throughout the school year, and we are working hard to finalize details for February and April vacation camps while also planning for summer!

At this time, we anticipate finalizing the dates for each age range by mid-February and opening registration in mid-March. 

If you would like to be contacted when details are finalized, please email [email protected] and we will reach out as soon as we have more information!




At the NHSPCA, we provide care for animals with a wide variety of personalities, behavioral and medical needs. Although campers will see animals during their program, we cannot promise a certain amount of direct animal contact.  

We welcome campers of all backgrounds and ability levels. Please note, if your child requires 1:1 support from a trained adult while at school, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that a trained adult can attend camp with your child. It is also the parent’s responsibility to secure a background check for the attending adult prior to the start of camp. Without a cleared background check, the child and adult will not be able to participate.  


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of things will campers do at the NHSPCA summer camp?

    We do all kinds of activities throughout our camp weeks! All our activities have an animal theme and are intended to teach our campers how to be responsible pet owners. Activities include things like animal care for our classroom ambassador animals (cleaning and feeding), crafts, games, tours to our adoption center and barn, visits from different staff members, and making things for our adoptable animals like treats and enrichment toys. 

  • Are the adults at camp background checked?

    Yes, all adults running our camp and working directly with the campers are background checked.  

  • Will my child get to play with puppies and walk dogs?

    Probably not. We take in animals with different backgrounds and behavioral needs and work hard to ensure that any animal interactions are safe and positive for both our campers and our adoptable animals. Only certain staff and adult volunteers are trained and permitted to walk dogs. 

  • What kinds of animals will my child be interacting with?

    Most direct animal interaction will be with our classroom ambassador animals (small mammals and rodents), who we know are healthy, friendly and accustomed to being handled. Depending on what animals are available for adoption, we may have the opportunity to interact with a friendly cat or kitten, or friendly farm animals. A lot depends on what animals we have in our care during the week your child is at camp. While we will do our very best to offer your child an interactive and diverse animal experience, we cannot guarantee any interactions with our adoptable animals.

  • Can you accommodate children with special needs?

    Yes, we can.  Children who require one-on-one assistance in school will need to provide a one-to-one aide at summer camp. We appreciate having as much information about your child’s needs as possible to ensure a safe and positive experience for all our campers and animals. Please keep in mind that for the safety of our campers and our animals, children must be able to maintain calm bodies and quiet voices and must be able to follow directions! 

    The aide (parent or otherwise) is required to submit a background check to the NHSPCA in advance of camp. The parents are responsible for arranging a background check through the Department of Labor. Be sure to plan several weeks lead-time if requesting through the mail. 

  • My child has allergies; can he or she attend your camp?

    When registering, we will request information about your child’s allergy so that we can do our best to accommodate. However, children with allergies to pets, dander, or hay may have a harder time participating.  

  • My child is a very active, rough and tumble, and energetic. Is this a good camp for them?

    Probably not. Our camp requires calm, quiet, gentle children who can keep themselves under control for the safety and comfort of our animals. If your child has a lot of energy throughout the day and needs lots of frequent movement, this may not be the right fit for them. 

  • My child is mature for their age; can they join a camp for older kids? OR My child is immature for their age, can they join a camp for younger kids?

    Generally, no. We work hard to make sure activities are developmentally appropriate for the age-ranges in each group. If you have additional questions, please contact our Humane Education Department at [email protected] 

  • Does my child need to bring a lunch and snack?

    Yes, all campers must bring a snack, a lunch, and water.  We do have water bottle filling stations for them to refill if needed.

  • Do you go on any field trips?

    We do not go on any field trips outside of our campus. There are plenty of areas around our newly expanded campus to keep us busy! 

  • Do the campers go outside?

    Yes! We try to spend time outdoors every day, weather permitting. 

  • Why can’t my child wear flip-flops or sandals to camp?

    For safety reasons, we require closed-toe shoes for all campers. If your child arrives at camp without the appropriate footwear, we may have to restrict him/her from doing certain activities. 

  • Why does my child need to wear his or her t-shirt every day?

    We know it’s a hassle to try to keep one shirt going for the whole week, but it really helps us and the other staff to easily recognize a camper around our campus. We appreciate your efforts with this! 

For more information on programs for children contact our Humane Education Department at 603-772-2921 x 113.

Or email us here