COVID-19 Update:

The safety of our campers and staff is our first priority.  We have made the difficult decision to cancel all onsite Summer Camp sessions for the entire 2020 season.  

This summer, unfortunately, you can’t come to camp at the NHSPCA…….BUT camp can come to YOU! This summer we will be offering “Camp in a Box”. This is a fun and interactive way for a child to participate in their favorite camp activities!

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Does your child love animals?

Do you want to give your child the opportunity to learn about kindness and respect for animals in a fun and educational way? Here at the NHSPCA your child will learn and have fun in an indoor and outdoor environment, get up close and personal with the animals, do service projects, crafts, games and much more!  We offer many different games, activities and crafts as well as everyone’s favorite, spending time with the animals!

We offer 3 different camps to ensure customized levels of learning and interaction with animals for all ages. Registration for Summer Camp will be online. Space is limited. First come, first served.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our camp, we kindly ask that you initially sign up for one week only, so as many children as possible have an opportunity to experience NHSPCA summer camp. If your child is interested in attending an additional week(s) and there are still spots open, you may register for the additional session beginning June 1.

Exciting Changes Happening!  This summer we will be breaking ground on our new campus expansion.  We want to let you know that while we do  NOT anticipate any disruptions to Camp this summer there may be periods of site or building work happening at various times. Each week we will be sure to let each camper & family know of any anticipated work happening.   Thank you and we look forward to an amazing summer!


Little Campers

Ages 6-8

Big Campers

Ages 9-12

Camp for Teens

Ages 12-15

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of things do you do in summer camp?

    We do all kinds of activities from crafts to games to service projects to baking for the animals and cleaning cages. Everything we do has an animal theme!

  • What is the camper to adult ratio?

    Each week of camp has a maximum of 15 campers. There are always at least 2 adults working with the campers. In addition, there are 3 teenage Junior Counselors each week.

  • Are the adults background checked?


  • Will my child get to play with puppies and walk dogs?

    Probably not. Some of our dogs are not good with children, and because puppies are very susceptible to germs, we often keep them in foster homes.   The agency rule is that dog walkers must be at least 16 years old.

  • My child is a very mature 5 year old. Can he go to Little Kids Camp if he’s not 6 yet?

    Each case is decided on an individual basis. Please contact Paula at 603-772-2921, ext.113 to discuss this.

  • My child is an immature 13 year old. Can she go to Big Kids Camp?

    Each case is decided on an individual basis. Please contact Paula at 603-772-2921, ext.113 to discuss this.

  • Does my child need to bring a lunch and snack?

    We do not provide any food for the campers. Big Kids, Little Kids and Teens need a lunch, a snack and a beverage.

  • Do you go on any field trips?

    We do not go on any field trips. There’s plenty to keep us busy right here!

  • Do the campers go outside?

    Yes, if the weather is good, we may do outside activities.

  • Why can’t my child wear flip-flops or sandals to camp?

    For safety reasons, we require closed toe shoes for all campers. If your child arrives at camp without the appropriate footwear, we may have to restrict him/her from doing certain activities.

  • Why does my child need to wear his or her t-shirt every day?

    We know it’s a hassle to try to keep one shirt going for the whole week but it really helps us and the other staff to easily recognize a camper. We appreciate your efforts with this.

  • What kinds of animals will my child be interacting with?

    Most direct animal interaction will be with our small mammal and pocket pets, specifically our classroom pets who we know are healthy, friendly and accustomed to being handled. In addition, we may have cats or kittens to hold and/or pet . Sometimes, we have friendly farm animals that the campers can visit. A lot depends on what animals we have in residence the week your child is here at camp and that is something we never really know about ahead of time!

  • Can you accommodate children with special needs?

    Yes, we can.  Children who require one-on-one assistance in school will need to provide a one-to-one aide at summer camp as well

    We appreciate having as much information as possible to ensure safety and a great experience for every camper. If you have any questions about your child being at our camp, please call Paula at 603-772-2921, ext. 113.

  • My child has allergies; can he or she attend your camp?

    As long as we know about your child’s allergy, we will do our best to accommodate him/her. Children with pet allergies may have a harder time.

  • My child is a very active, rough and tumble, exuberant kid. Is this a good camp for him/her?

    Maybe not. Our camp requires calm, quiet, gentle children who are able to keep themselves under control. If your child needs lots of large motor activities, this may not be the right fit for him or her.

For more information on programs for children contact our Humane Education Department at 603-772-2921 x 113.

Or email us here