There are many local schools that offer summer programs for their students. Jason Duff, director of the special education summer program at Oyster River Middle School, knows that the best way to learn is to be able to apply your knowledge to something that you care about. For his summer school animal-loving students, that meant using lessons in mathematics, science, research and creativity to construct numerous projects to help the animals at the NHSPCA.  Recently, Jason, his teaching colleagues and all his summer school students delivered several wonderful and useful items that that they had made during their summer classes.

There is an amazing goat climbing structure, several perches for our chickens, large donation bins, birdhouses, bottle-spinner enrichment toys for dogs (and pigs!) and a big hit with our horses are the popsicles made especially for our equine friends.


Students from Oyster River Middle School construct many creative projects for the animals!
Fun goat structure to keep goats entertained!
The horses loved these special popsicles made just for them!
A beautiful new donation bin to keep donations safe and secure!

Thanks to Jason and all his colleagues and students for this thoughtful lesson for students who have made a big difference in helping us out at the NHSPCA!

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