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If you’ve ever been especially thirsty for more than a few minutes on a hot summer’s day, you already understand why this is such a dangerous season for homeless and forgotten animals in New Hampshire and beyond . . .

When water sources that cats and dogs depend on dry up, dehydration leaves them highly susceptible to heatstroke. Additionally, the annual spring “baby boom” of animals leads to an increase in competition for food and water when they’re already in short supply.  PLUS,  deadly diseases like heartworm and parvovirus spread faster in hot weather. At the same time, adoptions slow down and donations drop because many of our friends are traveling or busy with their families. The strain this causes threatens our ability to care for so many vulnerable animals at the very time our services are most critical!

For all these reasons, the New Hampshire SPCA has launched our Urgent Summer Fund Drive — and we’re really  counting on your continuing support!

During the summer months last year, we took in 820 cats, dogs and other animals.  Our compassionate community made this possible. But this summer, we anticipate that even more animals will come through our doors.

They’ll need immediate . . .
Food and shelter
Vaccinations and medical treatment for illnesses and injuries
Spay and neuter operations
Foster care and new, loving families through adoption.

That’s why your ongoing generosity is critical. Homeless cats, dogs and other animals in our community can’t ask for help — so we’re asking for them. Please save lives this summer by making your generous gift today. Thank you!




Summer Fund Drive

Hundreds of lost, sick and abandoned animals will turn to the New Hampshire SPCA this summer. Your gift will help us respond immediately to their most urgent needs.

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