It’s time to put the “fun” back in fundraising… if you donate $20 to the animals at the New Hampshire SPCA, we’ll draw your pet.

The catch? We’re a whole lot better at caring for animals than we are at drawing them .

Right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of our volunteers and staff are staying safe at home. They miss working with the animals at the shelter so much– they will literally do anything to feel helpful during this time. So for a bit of fun, and to give us all a shared purpose, we’ve taken this opportunity to encourage them to unleash their artistic talents( or lack thereof) to help raise funds for the animals.

Our pool of staff and volunteers are standing by,  eager to turn your animal into a timeless work of art (or at least make you laugh). You *might* get one of our extremely talented artists, but we’ll be honest… you’ll probably get someone who can’t draw their way out of a paper bag. 

New Hampshire SPCA serves a wide range of animals every year and we rely on donations to make that work possible, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we raise those funds.

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