The classroom will be busy all summer long with eleven sessions of camp in 2018. The campers who attend are animal lovers who just want to visit with and learn about animals the whole time they are here! The younger campers, ages 6 to 8, learn mostly about proper handling of small animals as well as how to meet and greet dogs, cats and horses. The older campers, ages 9 to 15, learn how to actually care for the animals that live in the classroom.  We also have games, crafts, cooking and other activities that all have an animal theme. And this summer, the campers will be weeding, watering and harvesting veggies from our garden to feed to the rabbits and guinea pigs! It’s a busy summer! Hands down, however, the favorite activity is animal playtime when the campers provide socialization and exercise for the small critters in the classroom. Some of our resident pets are a rabbit, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, degus, hamster, cockatiels, a hedgehog and of course, our sweet little foster kittens.

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