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Animal Reiki Workshop

This workshop is a fundraiser for the animals of the NHSPCA! A percentage of each registration fee is donated to the NHSPCA animals.

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The benefits of Reiki include:

Ø  Aches and pains

Ø  Arthritis

Ø  Cancer & Chemotherapy Support

Ø  Digestive Issues

Ø  Head shaking & ear problems

Ø  History of Abuse/Rescue Dogs

Ø  Mobility Issues

Ø  Post Surgical Care

Ø  Unresolved Emotional and Physical Issues

Ø  Behavioral issues or unexplained changes


  Reiki for Animals
Not currently scheduled, $35

TO REGISTER: please call Michele at 207 289 0009 or email  info@nikoenaturaltherapies.com to reserve your place.
(Pre-payments can be made by check or through paypal)

Join Michele Lowry, during this 2 hour introductory workshop, as she shares how and why Reiki creates an opportunity for healing physical, emotional, and behavioral issues in our animals.   Reiki is a seen to be believed modality and we will have dogs to demonstrate the technique and to experience how they guide a healing session.

What will be demonstrated and shared in this workshop:

* How to set up the session
* Respecting boundaries and asking permission, staying safe
* Knowing how to listen and allow the animal to guide you
* Understanding and feeling resistance and what that means
* Opening your heart to feel what the animal is sharing with you
* Offering reiki without an agenda
* Honoring the animal who is processing or choosing to complete their session
* Healing or End of Life
* Feeling to incredible and unconditional love of an animal as they receive Reiki


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