The trial for the 36 German Shepherds in protective custody at the New Hampshire SPCA has been scheduled for early April, which means by current NH law, they will continue to be held as “evidence” until a final verdict is reached. The “evidence” in this case are living, breathing, beautiful souls and can’t just be put on a shelf in a dusty police locker. Holding live evidence is incredibly challenging. Keeping these dogs happy and healthy in a shelter environment is tough ( both emotionally and financially) but it is critically important to their wellbeing, especially as their court case drags on and on, with no end in sight. 

Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make sure each individual dog gets the physical/mental stimulation and emotional support they need. Whether it’s a long walk, a session of fetch in the pen, or quietly sitting and reading to an animal to help them feel less alone, we’re working so hard to keep these animals thriving despite their circumstances. 

We are in need of some durable chew toys and bones to help ease kennel stress. German Shepherds are notoriously voracious chewers and their strong jaws can make quick work of many of the toys and bones we’ve had donated. They love to shred, chew and chomp and its great stress relief for them, however keeping them supplied with a variety of safe toys and bones has been a challenge. 

If you can help, please consider donating an item from our wishlist. The items listed represent the shepherds very favorite treats and toys. We are so grateful for your continued support. Thank you.