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As animal lovers, we want to believe that everyone treats animals kindly.  When we are faced with the reality that that’s not the case, we are shocked and saddened.   Animals are abused or neglected in many ways and it makes us angry to know that an animal has been made to suffer at the hands of a human.  We see abuse and neglect disturbingly often. Last year alone, our cruelty investigator received over 800 complaints of cruelty or neglect.

Our most infamous case this year has been the 36 German Shepherds rescued from severe neglect.   It began on Dec. 13, 2017, nearly a year ago, when the first 9 Shepherds were rescued after a negligent fire in Bristol, NH  killed 29 other dogs.  The remaining 9 were trapped in the burned out basement.   Just 20 days later, another 22 Shepherds were rescued from the same owner who was holding the dogs in the loft of a barn.  It was -11 degrees inside the barn when we took the dogs from their wire crates, shaking and hungry. The only water or food to be found was frozen solid.  Then in February, one of the dogs added 5 newborn puppies to the collection, bringing the total to 36 German Shepherds in our care.

The owner of the dogs has since been charged and convicted of animal cruelty, but continues to appeal, leaving the animals in our protective custody.  The appeals and postponements have left us holding the 36 Shepherds in limbo for nearly a year.  



If you would like to help with the cost of care and to help ensure recovery of the shepherds and hundreds of other animals in our care, please make a tax-deductible contribution today. Thank you so much!

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