Stratham, NH – The New Hampshire SPCA announced at a Press Conference today the launch of the public phase of “The Campaign for Changing Times.”  Representatives of the organization gathered to share the exciting news of changes ahead that will positively impact the community and the animals that the agency serves.

President Josh Scott, Esq. welcomed the press and expressed his pride at the accomplishments of the organization thus far.  Mr. Scott said that the planning for this campaign began in 2014 with the development of a new strategic plan and the campaign began in earnest in 2017 with the first leadership gift of $1 million.  Mr. Scott also introduced the Campaign Co-Chairs, both present, Karen Grover and Josephine Lamprey, both of whom have had a long history with the NHSPCA.  Ms. Lamprey has been involved with the NHSPCA for almost 30 years.  She has been a donor, advocate, board member, trustee and Board President in that time.  Ms. Lamprey stated that of all of her work as a philanthropist and organizer, her relationship with the NHSPCA has been one of her favorites.  “I am an animal lover and have been since childhood,” said Ms. Lamprey. “I was proud to be involved in the last capital campaign in 1999, and I am even more proud to have helped lead this Campaign for Changing Times to such wonderful success.”

Ms. Lamprey turned the podium over to Lisa Dennison, Executive Director of the New Hampshire SPCA to provide details.   Ms. Dennison discussed the fact that animal welfare is an evolving industry in which standards of care have changed.  Since the organization’s current building opened nearly 20 years, new challenges have emerged. This campaign will enable the NHSPCA to meet these new challenges and prepare for the next 20 years or more.

  • Increased surrender of equine and farm animals due to high cost of care or unexpected family or health crises
  • Greater demand for adoptable animals
  • Prolonged animal stays due to behavior or health issues
  • Increasing costs for veterinary care
  • Need for flexible, multipurpose space, especially for humane education and community programs
  • Animal housing that is no longer up to humane standards
  • An aging facility that has been stretched beyond its capacity

According to Ms. Dennison, The Campaign for Changing Times will Enhance the existing facilities; Expand the capacity to care for all species, and increase the agency’s Endowment to provide stability for the future.  Even as we plan for the change, our vision of “A Safe and Loving Home for Every Animal” remains at our core.  These plans will mean the ability to save more lives, place more animals in to loving homes, expand our capacity to care for and re-home horses and other farm animals and ensure that pets in our community have access to affordable, quality veterinary care. It also means that the future of the organization is secure so that we will be here to protect animals for generations to come.

“We believe that The Campaign for Changing Times will have a profoundly positive impact on animals and our community,” said Ms. Dennison.  “It will further enable the New Hampshire SPCA to be a community resource for all. We will be prepared to grow, adapt and serve for the next 20 years and beyond.”

Included in the Campaign for Changing Times has been the purchase of the two properties abutting the NHSPCA’s current space.  The acreage will increase from existing 5 acres to approximately 16 acres.  This will allow space for building a equine training facility as well as desperately needed additional stalls and turnouts.  The land will also provide better dog play space and walking trails.  The enhancements to the building will include a complete reorganization of the adoption center space, creating more flexible areas for improved housing, quarantine, intake and even laundry.  One of the most exciting aspects this campaign is the building of a subsidized veterinary wellness clinic.  This clinic will focus on providing care to animals in the community that are currently not under a veterinarian’s care.  There are many people who can not afford even the most basic care for their animals, and we want to assist them in serving the needs of their animals, keeping them healthy and in the homes of people who love them.

To help us reach our goal, we are happy to announce that a grant from Jane’s Trust will match campaign contributions dollar for dollar.  This match has been extended until July 31st.

The current timeline provides for a groundbreaking on approximately Nov. 1, 2019, with an 18 month construction period.  We look forward to a celebration and ribbon cutting in Spring, 2021!



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