We couldn’t do what we do without the dedication and compassion of our volunteers. From all of us at the NHSPCA, we thank our volunteers for all they do for the animals.  Whether you have donated one hour or thousands (as many have), we are so grateful you gave your time and energy, not to mention your heart, to the animals who arrive at the NHSPCA’s door, looking for a future, and finding it here. In one way or another, in ways great and small, each volunteer who helps at NHSPCA enriches not only the lives of the animals, but also the lives of the people who adopt and cherish them.

In 2018, over 700 individuals provided nearly 48,000 volunteer hours.

During the last quarter of 2018 (October 1- December 31) the volunteers listed below achieved extraordinary milestones for their service to the NHSPCA.  We wish to extend our congratulations to each of them, with our deepest gratitude.

8000 Hours of Service

Paul Verrette,  MOD Squad Volunteer

7000 Hours of Service

Rod MacKay, MOD Squad Volunteer & Mentor

3000 Hours of Service

Colette Murray, MOD Squad Volunteer

2000 Hours of Service

Fran Leavitt, Cat Care Volunteer & Mentor

500 Hours of Service

Pat Bilodeau
Karen Edwards
Derek Hayward
Peggy Marchand

200 Hours of Service

Joyce Austin
Paulette Bailey
Deb Holbrook
Brian Mullane
Sharon Rogers
Glen Sell
Peter Smith

50 Hours of Service

Miriam Andreatta
Kim Call
Angelina Ciotti
Brenda Collins
Kam Damtoft
Katie Day
Stephanie Gablosky
Candy Graves
Jackolyn Hayden
Maggie Hayes
Kris Holleran
Minda Kistler
Derek Kucharski
Alison Lawrence
Barbara Marino
Chris McLeer
Tom Oliver
Joe Paine
Jeff Patterson
Stephanie Schaeper
Jonathan St. Onge
Alyssa Streleckis
Jennifer Sylvain
Molly Tetrault
Caroline Wollheim


25 Hours of Service

Jessica Adamyk
Cheryl Blackwood
Kim Call
Brenda Collins
Katie Day
Charlotte Fyfe
Gwen Higgins
Destiny Higgott
Kris Holleran
Derek Kucharski
Chris McLeer
Patty Miske
Carol Naumann-Frock
Tom Oliver
Jeff Patterson
Stephanie Schaeper
Natalie Tarzia
Caroline Wollheim

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